Nutrition Education Made Easy

Build a Healthy Future with Nutri-Islands

Follow Ote's journey to improve their families' health and learn about micro- and macro-nutrients along the way.


Why Nutri-Islands

Healthy habits developed from young are hard to break. Tamariki depends on school and home environment to learn this.

Nutri-Islands is a nutrition video game targeted towards 7 to 11 year olds, with a school subscription model. Tamariki will help Ote, the game's protagonist, improve his whanau's health by learning and choosing the correct healthy food items for a given task.

Teachers and parents can further support Tamariki's learning by viewing Tamariki's curriculum progress and downloading our resources (such as recipes, fun activities and lesson plans).


What Topics are Covered

Nutri-Islands curriculum is backed by research with input from teachers

  • Why can’t I see in the dark?

    Learn about Vitamin A for your eyesight.

  • Achoo! Excuse me, I am sick again.

    Learn how you can improve your immunity with Vitamin C.

  • Zzzzz… What time is it? Why am I so tired?

    Learn how why iron is important for preventing anaemia.

  • How can I get stronger?

    Learn about about proteins and muscles.

  • Don’t avoid me!

    Learn about how some carbohydrates can sustain energy for longer.

  • I am useful!

    Learn about the different types of fats! Choose wisely.

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